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Eclipse Deadlift Socks



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  • Premium long socks to cover the shin for pulling movements.
  • Manufactured with a tight knit from a durable synthetic fiber, to protect the shins and minimize any catching on the bar.
  • USAPL, IPF and USPA compliant.
  • Custom sock designed to cover the shin without a turnover.
  • Breathable construction with venting in the foot
  • Suitable for training and competition use.
  • Manufactured in Great Britain.

Socks can not be returned or exchanged.

1 review for Eclipse Deadlift Socks

  1. steve G (verified owner)

    The big issue with other Deadlift socks is they get super tight long the upper leg/calf, and since most are made with a heavy duty material I felt the bar drag on the socks even with enough baby powder to stock daycare… The SBD DL socks are light weight, but don’t mistake that from lower quality, this have head up against high rep/heavy weight sessions, and did not pull on the threads at all! Also, they took the extra consideration to make the upper part of the sock larger to go around your calf, now I don’t feel like there is a tourniquet around my calf!

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